Dance Water, Dance!

Hello, I'm Cress, one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym. I specialize in Water-type Pokémon. I give the Trio Badge to Trainers, that chose Tepig as their starter Pokémon, if they defeat me that is.

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Independent now?

Everyone else is doing it so… Happy tmi Tuesday~?

lameRandom Facts?

My name is Natasha 
No one calls me that though
I have a cat named Uri which means melon in another language.
no, it’s not pronounced yuri
its erri
I eat A LOT
yet I’m skinny
even though I sit in front of the tv and computer all day
I like anime 
and video games
and yaoi
I’m currently playing Zelda
I’m listening to Sew Intricate cuz I can
I love scary movies
my favorite movie is Spirited Away
I love anything sweet
Phoebe is my best friend irl
I hurt my neck today and can barely moved
I leik vocaloid a lot
thats enough

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